Go camping with a tent

July 14, 2017

Latest company news about Go camping with a tent
Now, with tents to tourism has become a kind of fashion, "tent Tour" in the market gradually, a batch of outdoor club, car club, outdoor club, the Mountaineering Club came into being.
The rise of the tent tour participants, fully reflects the longing for wild life, desire for unfettered state, and this "DIY model" is very attractive, can achieve leisure and entertainment, fitness and other purposes.
Although the hotel comfort is better, but some people choose is not a traditional tourist destination, traditional hotel accommodation facilities supply may not have the choice, as tent accommodation is a good experience.
Facing the tent tour market, area how to "welcome", has become a must face the problem. When developing tent tour products, the relevant scenic spots need to strengthen the supporting infrastructure construction, can be designated to set up a number of tents area, camping area. Hangzhou, West Lake was once trapped by the chaos of the tent, and sometimes the scene is also a dispute with tourists. In 2007, West Lake scenic zone in West Lake Maple Park, Yang Lin made Orioles Singing in the Willows wuguitan block, Dingjiashan lawn 10 tent districts, an area of about 40 thousand square meters, the mess tent with smoothly done or easily solved the problem.
A senior tour pal said: "those of us who play tents are called" tents "homophonic, playing with the rock and punk" general love, walk the line, unless there is a good idea, otherwise we are not willing to contact with scenic spot."
In a sense, for the tent tour market, personalized marketing initiatives are particularly important scenic spots. This, some scenic spots have quietly force. I note that the group buying site, a scenic spot on the issue of "passenger card". Hold this card, tent tour participants can not only access to scenic spots, you can also participate in water foot boats, marine rubber boats, archery and many other entertainment projects. A number of scenic spots held all kinds of tent Festival is also a good idea.
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